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Archive Box is an organizer and search engine for your files, which supports distributed cloud sync across devices without a backend.

qdvorak is a custom keymap for ErgoDox EZ that combines the best aspects of Qwerty and Dvorak.


Qwerty-Dvorak Layout for ErgoDox EZ 06-04

Inspired by the “Dvorak-Qwerty ⌘” keyboard layout from Mac OSX, I created a layout for ErgoDox EZ called qdvorak. In short, it is a Dvorak layout when typing normally, but the layout is switched to Qwerty when certain modifier keys are held (CTRL and CMD).

You can find the keymap.c and accompanying files in this GitHub repo.

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Easy ssh-agent in bashrc 05-27

I recently started using ssh-agent again, due to enabling git-lfs in GitLab. Having LFS enabled seems to make each push and pull create multiple SSH connections, which means I have to type my ssh key passphrase multiple times in a row. This ended up being the final straw for me, and I decided to get ssh-agent working on my setup, which is primarily Tmux inside of WSL.

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Manual Disk Encryption Setup in Lubuntu 18.04 Installer 05-20

This guide describes how I set up disk encryption and LVM manually while installing Lubuntu Desktop 18.04. Since the installer doesn’t support manipulation of LVM partitions in the GUI, this guide gives step-by-step instructions for setting up LUKS and LVM in the command line.

While I wrote this while installing Lubuntu, this guide should also work with regular Ubuntu and the other Ubuntu variants.

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